I've sewn all my life...
Both as a hobby, and as a means to save a little money on clothes. I
can truly say I enjoy the process and the outcome. It relaxes me.
As gifts to my children and grand children and for myself of course.
Everyone who has tried a pair on can't get enough of them. They are
comfortable, stylish, and work nicely in all seasons.  
Both as a potential retirement income, and in the interest of sharing
these very special and extremely comfortable pants with the world I've
gone on-line with it.
I know all who try them will enjoy them immensely.
:: Catch Of The Week ::
For years I have made these Pajama Pants...
I've decided to share my hand made Pajama Pants with the world...
My Story:
Pajama Pants 4 U
Would YOU like a pair, or one for your loved ones?
If your ready to get your hands on the last pair of
pajama pants you'll ever want to own, look me up on
ebay at
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bargains on cute material and pass
on those savings to you!
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